Thursday, March 15, 2012


The vast majority of folks I work with are wordsmiths and unapologetic Liberal Arts majors.

I solidly fall into this grouping and avoid math like the plague. In high school I bullied my way into a honors geometry class, thinking shapes were a close cousin to words, all visual and flowing lines. I was wrong. I lasted one month before I had to sweet talk my way back out of that class for fear of my GPA. Who knew a circle would have so much math behind it. The concept of Pi /π /3.14159 was one of the few concepts that left that classroom with me.

Yesterday my office bridged the gap between the left and right side of the brain celebrated 3/14, Pi Day, with a great equalizer- pie!

Wikipedia says: Throughout the history of mathematics, there has been much effort to determine π more accurately and to understand its nature; fascination with the number has even carried over into non-mathematical culture. Perhaps because of the simplicity of its definition, π has become more entrenched in popular culture than almost any other mathematical concept, and is firm common ground between mathematicians and non-mathematicians.

I'm not so sure that applies to us as a whole, but I'm sure we will all be willing to pretend we don't need calculators for simple mathematics one day a year if it involves the mass consumption of pie!

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