Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ultra Doesn't Even Come Close

I haven’t said much about triathlon since Matt did the Eagleman in June.

There was a lot of hemming and hawing. Should he or shouldn’t he? What dreams are just that, dreams, and which ones can be achieved?

He didn’t stop. Once the 70.3 was over he just kept going. Driven for the 140.6.

140.6 miles.

One-hundred and forty point six miles people. Miles. Under your own strength. Your own gumption. Via your own legs and insanity.

And that is where he is headed. To the insanity of the ChesapeakeMan Ultra Triathlon, exactly 4 weeks from now. Standing between him and the event is a visit from my mom, a week long vacation, a 4 day conference and a boat load of unforeseen parental responsibilities.

He will be OK though. The sites where Matt tracks his work outs says that he has logged 280 miles running, 1,061 miles biking, and 21 miles swimming so far this year. This is approximately how many miles it is from Baltimore to Key West!

So yes, I am proud. I hate that he’s doing it and the toll that 14 hours of continuous exercise is bound to have on a body, but I am insanely proud of his ability to do it.

Stay tuned, one month – and a few recovery days – and you’ll have a full report of his eminent success.

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