Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Of (Wo)men and Mites

Yesterday I saw an allergist.

VERY early on in the process.
I've been sneezey and itchy and have been forced to make a too many trips to the pharmacy for antibiotics lately. Allergies, was the suggested culprit over and over again. So I made the appointment. Well, I made three appointments, cancelling the first two. 1.5 of the cancellations was conflict. .5 was fear.

I was a little bit right on the .5.

The doctor was fantastic. Snarky, self-depreciating, and no non-sense. My favorite medical combination.

But, the arm pricks, and follow up syringe injections? Not so great.

And after 40 minutes of excruciating itching the verdict was in.

* Ragweed & weeds in general
* Mold
* Dust mites

Super. But at least I know what I am itchy/sneezey now.

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