Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tales and Old as Time

So despite our efforts to introduce sports and dinosaurs and the color blue into our house, we live in a land of ballet and pink and princesses. It really is a tale as old as time, and one of the reasons why I am so glad that Disney makes princesses that don't just swirl in pink dresses waiting for their prince to arrive anymore. The princesses of today are brave and smart and bold.

Enter Belle, one of the favorites in our house. So when we were given the opportunity to see Beauty and the Beast 3D this weekend, I jumped at the chance. And you know what, it was fantastic. Most 3D movies give me a headache, but the cartoon had a different perspective to to. The big dance scenes were wonderfully animated and 3D-a-fied.

Most tellingly though, is the fact that both girls sat through the movie. This is a first for our family. Sure, it might have been the novelty of seeing one of their favorites on a big screen, with popcorn and sporting funny glasses - but that doesn't explain the whispers of "Ooooo, fancy."

If your on the fence about wether is you should pay money to go see a movie that has already been watched 1000 times from DVD, go see it. It is worth it!

* The tickets to the screening were complementay (we still shelled out $25.00 for popcorn though), and the complements are all my own. Good job Disney!

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