Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was .... challenging this year.

Gracie didn't want to wear her costume.
Gracie didn't want to say trick or treat OR thank you.
Gracie didn't like any costume that had teeth, including cutsie dinosaur heads on other toddlers.
Gracie didn't like any kind of head / face gear, including but not limited to: clown makeup, any kind of face paint, and masks both scary and cute.

We did however manage to snap a few pictures while she wasn't screaming or holding onto one of us for dear life. And then my camera started malfunctioning, so 1/3 are blurry and 1/3 won't download onto the computer even though I can see them *in* the camera.
This is what we are left with:

Our pumpkins.
Daddy pumpkin, Mama pumpkin, Gracie pumpkin and Little Ricky pumpkin. Gracie refused to touch the innards this year, so beyond decreeing we make 'happy faces' she had nothing to do with the process.

Gracie in costume and trick or treating.
Kind of. There was a death grip on fingers and a blatant refusal to actually take part in the act of trick or treating beyond acceptance and devouring of chocolate products.

Happy Halloween - let's hope 2010 is both more and less eventful.

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