Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To the OBX

We are back from vacation, as is apparent by this Tuesday workday timestamp.

The house was lovely.

The weather was not. OK, this picture below is lovely, but 75% of the trip didn't even have an inclination to give us such beautiful sunrises or sets. Matt and I did have the pleasure of seeing the fabled 'morning flash' if the sun breaking over the ocean at dawn. It was beautiful.

The same crazy storms that went up the East Coast and flooded New Jersey also sat on us. For 4 out of 7 days. The wind blew so hard that the three story house shook. SHOOK. Constantly. Particularly the little sun room that shoots off the side of the house.

This did make plenty of time for books (I read over 1,000 pages just myself) and snuggles, and games, and puzzles.

You can only sit so long in a strange house with a two year old before starting to go stir crazy though. Mixed in with the celebrations and laughter there was a lot of tension. So we took a trip to the Wright Brothers museum and a few mini tours around the neighborhood looking for horses.

Yes, I said horses.

While it rained they were smart enough to stay further inland, but when the winds broke and the sun shone we had horses. Down the street, in front of the house, on our patio.

Friday I finally emerged into the sunlight to grill. The horses had been in front of our house for awhile, but had disappeared. I trudged down from the third floor with 1.5 lbs of steak and a big pan of mushrooms to saute and squealed as I rounded the corner to the grill. HORSES!

Originally, there was four of them, all packed in like little sardines in the breeze way containing the grill.

Despite the weather, the ocean was still breathtakingly beautiful, Gracie loved the horses and I am all the more convinced that Matt is absolutely the one person that I could spend everyday with for the rest of my life.

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