Saturday, September 5, 2009

Going, Going, Almost Gone

The moment is almost here. Vacation.

We've been waiting all summer for this. Yes, there have been plenty of distractions between then and now, but the now has always been the shining beacon of home. And now is upon us.

We are packed. Only the food in our refrigerator and tomorrow mornings toothbrushes remain unpacked. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are beckoning our names. We've been trying to instill excitement in Gracie, Guess what? We are going someplace with the ocean and sand and HORSES and DOLPHINS!!

Yeah, that's right. I said horses and dolphins. We've rented a home right on the roadless 4x4 area of the Outer Banks were visits from wild horses are frequent and dolphin siting in the ocean before us is not uncommon. Other than that, there is little to do in this area, and that is exactly what we are hoping for.

Sand, surf, chlorinated pool and lots of rum based drinks. I will back next week with plenty of stories- preferably in that order.

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