Friday, November 2, 2012

Tricks and Treats

The Fall is flying by. We once again seem to be trapped in a series of trigger events.
Wedding. Birthday. Hurricane.
And now, Halloween.

OMG Halloween. It is a sugar induced crazy fest. I am never sure if the girls are excited about Halloween, or if it is just sooo built up that they are thrust into the pseudo-holiday. Either way, we embraced it.

We carved.

We trick-or-treated.

We feasted.

And Grace has shown her true colors and will follow in my footsteps, much preferring to had out candy like the Soup Nazi ~ One piece for you! ~ instead of collecting herself. Clare on the other hand, would have 'Knock, knock, trick-or-treat'ed (her phrase to each candy giver, not mine) if it hadn't been so cold this year.

And both girls are already plotting next year's costumes.

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