Saturday, February 13, 2010


Friendships are funny. I’ve never been very good at them.

I’ve never really had more than a few at one time and something always seems to smash them apart. Especially girl-friends.

To those I call my friend I am fiercely loyal. I cower when personally challenged, but only a fool would dare to say a word against someone I love. To that end, their experiences become mine. Their joy and tribulation become part of my soul and life story too. Their love is my love. Someone I put soundly in this category spent the night in the hospital bringing new life into this world.

I sit here feeling a little life stir stir in my own belly, still needing her attachment to me, and I weep tears of joy for my friend and my unborn child’s new cohort. This morning, my heart beat anxiously to meet the little man whose anticipated presence in this world has been part of my daily life for the last 8 months. Holding him in my arms was like holding my own child.

Welcome to the world baby NES. You rushed into it with more love and family then you could ever want for, for you are forever part of my family and my heart.

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