Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days

It snowed again last night. Nice, fluffy duster kind of snow that melts instantly when salt is added. Despite this fact, the local schools are still on two hour delay - but I guess I still have a few more years before I have to get worked up about that.

Due to this scene though, Gracie wanted to wear her brand new snow boots. Her polar bear boots that just came in the mail on Monday. Every day this week she goes home and wears them until her little feet start to sweat. Then they are shelved for 24 hours and repeat.

Today though, the legitimately got to wear them outside the house, through the snow and into school. Despite our conversations about how boots are 'outside shoes' and her emphatic promise to remove them once we got to school, as far as I know they are still on her feet. So much for the promises of 2 year olds.

They are pretty darn cute though.

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Kelly O said...

Do they make polar boots in grown-up size? (I'm totally, totally serious. WANT.)